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Exploring Opportunities for Personal Growth and Positive Change

Happy Spring Equinox and welcome to the New Year! The energy this spring feels soft and uplifting. The veil feels very thin. This is the perfect energy to assist you in connecting with yourself. When you are aligned with your higher self, anything is POSSIBLE.

Allow yourself to explore the current understanding of who you know yourself to be. Ask yourself, who am I? What makes me happy? Am I living my life to help bring more happiness in? Or am I living from a belief of unworthiness and scarcity? Am I on autopilot? Do you view yourself from 15+ years ago when you were struggling to make ends meet? Do you see yourself as a young wounded child who felt unloved? Are you still ruminating over a break up that happened 10+ years ago? Give yourself some time to become aware of how aligned you are or how aligned you are not. With this awareness, you will begin to work on releasing old stories and versions of yourself that are no longer you. You will experience new energy flow and blockages will be replaced with your desires.

Begin to day dream about your perfect life, feel it, see it and believe you will have it one day. We all know that faith is everything when it comes to manifestation. "Believe and you will achieve".

You are a divine spiritual being, you are magical! You have the ability to have the life of your dreams, you just need to release old programmings that are getting in the way of your connection with your soul self.

Give yourself time to contemplate this and know, you are more powerful than you realize. Trust in yourself and your divine plan; trust you are divinely guided. Begin to envision the life you desire and as you do so, feel what it would feel like to be in living in those dreams. Trust, have faith, let go, believe.

Put some time and effort into yourself and you will be blow away at how powerful you truly are.

Happy Spring Equinox!


If you are strugglingly and can't seem to get your head out of the fog (or sand), I am offering quick mini spirit led intuitive guidance sessions. During these Intuitive Session (also known as "psychic reading"), spirit will focus solely on one or two pieces of psychic information regarding love, career, money, life purpose, deep wounding, struggling mentally, family issues, grief, the list goes on. During this reading you will gain insight from spirit to help you move onto a brighter path where you are living the life you deserve to live; in peace and love. You will gain clarity and feel stronger on your path, with yourself, and with spirit.

This reading is 20 minutes long so you can either pick the topic or allow Kareen to channel information from spirit. Please keep in mind these sessions are ONLY intuitive readings.

I have provided a link below, you can find more information as well as the opportunity to book a session via the link below.

*Please note, they will only be offered throughout the month of April.



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