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Information for Video, Phone Sessions and Classes


   I have been conducting readings for over ten years, and it’s with trial and error that I have come to understand what works best for spirit and myself in working together.  

A lot goes into conducting a reading; it takes an immense amount of physical and mental energy to communicate with spirit. Since my main gift is the gift of feeling, I physically and mentally feel what spirit wishes to communicate. 40-minute sessions have been the perfect amount of time to bring through evidential healing messages from spirit. 

    Not all readings are the same; spirit is so intelligent. They know what to bring through in order to help you find peace, love, and a deeper connection with them and yourself. You must go into the reading open and detached from a specific outcome. Your reading has the ability to be intuitive guidance, spirit communication, or both. 
You will begin the session with an intention for the spirit world; Intuitive Guidance or Spirit Communication. After your intention is made, Kareen will allow Spirit to work through her to bring forward messages. 

Since connecting with Spirit isn't a normal 9-5 job, if I am not well-rested or in a good headspace, I ethically feel it's best to reschedule to another date. 

   So, if you are okay with this, then I would love to meet you and connect you to your loved ones and spiritual team. 

Scheduling a Session:

  • Please do not provide any information prior to your reading.

  • Please review FAQ & my Bio to understand how my gift works. 

  •  You will receive a confirmation email once your session is booked. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please reach out via email to 

  • Credit cards are charged at the time of booking to hold each appointment.

  • Rescheduling must be done within 14 business days from the appointment date.

  • If the appointment is for a friend or family member, input the name and info of the person the appointment is for.

  • No openings? I allow my schedule to be booked out by two months. Every day (at midnight), new appointments will open; continue to check back if there currently aren't any openings.

Mediumship Development Course(s):

  • I offer flexible payment plans because I know times can be tough. Please read the following information before paying your first invoice:

  • By paying your first invoice you legally agree to pay $1111.00 in full and the following terms:

  • Your invoices will reflect payment amounts and dates, but if you choose to drop the course after paying your first invoice, you are still responsible for $1111.00 in FULL. The credit card you paid with will be charged your remaining balance on the day you drop out of the course.This is to alleviate any issues with future payments. Again, you agree to this when paying your first invoice. 

  •  If you sign up for the course and change your mind, you must provide 14 business days so I have time to find someone else to take your seat since my class sizes are so small. I need an even number of students in order to successfully teach my courses. 

  • If you miss a payment and I do not hear from you within two business days your card will be charged the remaining balance owed.

  • No refunds will be given. No exceptions. 

  •  I offer payment plans to help you. Please be respectful of what you agreed upon and pay your invoices on time.

  • Thank you for respecting me as, I respect you. 

Cancellations, Reschedules, No Shows:

A lot goes into conducting a reading. For every session, I must clear my energy, open up to spirit, and expand my awareness. I do this by sitting in meditation for at least 30 minutes prior to every session. I also limit myself to a few readings a week to prevent burnout. With that being said, I am unable to make any exceptions for the following:

  • No-show/ missed appointments will be charged full price.

  • If you booked a Zoom session, please log in a few minutes early. I will wait on Zoom for 10 minutes, then the appointment will be considered a no-show. 

  • I do not accept cancellations but will reschedule your session once if you notify me 14 business days from your scheduled session. 

  • I will not conduct a reading if you are driving (driver or passenger), doing any type of physical activity, or if there are in a noisy room. Please be in a quiet area and ready to connect with spirit.

  • Please ensure you put the reading on your calendar, and upon checkout, select the option to receive text and email reminders so you don't have any issues.

I hope you have had a giggle from all these requirements. It's unfortunate I have to list them out, but obviously, I have had issues with them in the past and want to prevent any future issues. The overall message is, please be responsible and respectful. Spirit works SO hard, as do I, and I want you to have the best experience possible. 


After the Appointment is Scheduled:

Phone Sessions:

  • On the morning of your session, please email a recent picture of only you to 

  • I will call you from a blocked number on the date & time of your scheduled session. Please ensure all spam blockers are turned off. 

Zoom Sessions:

  • A Zoom link will be emailed to you upon booking your session. 

  • Please log in a few minutes early to avoid any issues. 


All readings, messages and healing's provided by Kareen are for entertainment purposes only.. Please refer to a medical practitioner for health issues and seek legal counsel if required. Only persons over 18 years will be accepted. Any reading or message given is to be the sole responsibility of the recipient.

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