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Let's Call it 'Emotional Frequency'

During my meditation this evening, Spirit requested I explain energy/vibration, growth, hardships, and overall life lessons from what I have experienced by doing readings. I will try to make it as simple as possible. Bare with me.

A negative experience(s) can affect our emotions so deeply that we lack the ability to comprehend the lesson(s) it was meant to teach us. Some of us get stuck in the feelings. Getting "stuck" is the equivalent to carrying the emotions around in a backpack that's strapped on tightly to your back. Each emotion carries a certain about of weight and unless it's acknowledged, you'll carry it around wherever you go. If you're able to have the full perspective of gratitude (i.e. thankful for the lesson), then you're backpack free and your energy isn't weighed down by all those bad vibes. Try to use your imagination and picture different layers of energy. Imagine a dome of light. At the bottom of the dome the light is very dim, it's a extremely hard to even see it. As you make your way from bottom to top, the light progressively grows lighter and whiter. When you e this and when you put yourself there, in the dome. Can you feel a lightness, a sense of peace? That's what our vibration feels like when it's clear from those nasty emotions that weigh it down. If you're having a hard time moving forward, try to remind yourself you agreed to these lessons before you were even in your body. You agreed to grow and challenge yourself. You agreed to test your limits. Know the solution to anything you are struggling with is always, love:

If you're dealing with a toxic family member, say a prayer, send them love, and give it to God. Remember, they're here to learn and grow too. You're teaching them, too! Ask yourself what they have taught you? What has the overall situation taught you? Sometimes knowing this makes it easier to let it go.

If you're struggling in a relationship, imagine white light around both of you, say a prayer to bring clarity, peace, and love to you and the other person involved. Then, give it to God. Then let it go; don't allow it to control your thoughts and ruin your moods. Know you don't always need to do something right away. Sometimes we learn our lessons more quickly by sitting back and letting the Universe do it's part. Relax and know clarity will come once you let go and stop trying to force change.

If you are struggling with yourself. Maybe it's with an addiction issue, or mental health issues, physical issues, or financial issues? Send yourself love. Forgive yourself for being so rough on you, and send yourself some more love. Sometimes we need to do the opposite of what we've been doing. The world is already hard enough, you don't need you bringing you down. Be a cheerleader for yourself. Having compassion and empathy for ourselves is one of the best things we can do for this world. That's because we treat others how we treat ourselves. So, throw yourself a bone, call it a day, say a prayer and ask God for guidance and the ability to love yourself deeper. Then, give it to God. Have faith healing will present itself because it will and it will in many different ways... ways in which you may not be able to even envision. Be open.

Life really is this simplistic. We just enjoy making it more complicated. Why? Maybe to deepen our growth or maybe it's to make the lesson more challenging? Either way, we have control over how we react to what life throws at us. Try to think of your struggles from a more simplistic perspective ( you can do this by picturing your life as if it's someone else's; take the emotions out and try to just understand the lessons). Trust the Universe has your back. Because, I promise you, it really does!

With each lesson learned and each released emotion, I've begun to experience a sense of enlightenment. I have also developed a much stronger connection to Spirit. I feel everyone experiences this, though not all are aware. I also believe all are gifted, though not all seek their gifts out. My point is be hopeful; working through the uncomfortable feelings and pain is worth it. Continue to do the work on yourself and know you will reach a sense of understanding that we really are never done "getting to know ourselves" and when you've embrace this, you're a step away from feelings of enlightenment finding you. Enjoy.

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