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Olivia's Story

Every reading I do touches my heart in one way or another. I have decided to share the ones that I know will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Meet Olivia. I met her in December 2017. She was one of only 3 readings I was able to do since I was so sick. I know nothing happens by chance, and I was meant to be healthy so I could see her this day. Here’s our story.

I got to my office a little early that day. I hadn’t been in for weeks, and knew I had some old flowers to throw away, and some cleaning up to do. I cleaned up as quickly as I could, did a grounding technique, cleansed my office, and was ready to go. At 10:00am, In walked a petite young woman, in all black, and wearing pain in her eyes. I knew immediately she had suffered a traumatic loss. I could feel it in her energy, it actually made me feel a little sick to my stomach. As she sat down, I began to give my speech on how my gift works, and how our session would go. I struggled to get through my speech in it’s entirety because as soon as she sat down, a young man immediately popped in and began to distract me. “Hurry up, I have a lot to say”, he says to me. It made me laugh. Why? Because Spirits are just as impatient as humans! He kept waving at me and tapping his foot. Ok buddy, lets to this.

I tell Olivia what I see and feel; there’s a young male around you, feels like a boyfriend but his energy comes through stronger than that. Feels like a soul mate. I look up at her, your boyfriend passed away. She cries and responds, “Yes”. I begin to describe his personality; very loyal, giving, compassion, heart of goal but got caught up with the wrong crowd and had really bad addiction issues. “Yes”, again she says. I felt he struggled with addiction issues for a while. Unfortunately, I was right. He suffered a baseball injury in his early teens, all it took was one experience with pain killers to get him addicted. He tried everything to kick his habit. He was in and out of different rehabs, tried therapy, and even moved to different places. But he felt he wasn’t strong enough to avoid it. So sad, it was like something had a hold over him. He made me feel like it wasn’t a choice, it just happened. I explained this to her in as much detail as I could. He explained to me who found him, and how she found out. This was very upsetting, as Olivia was out of town at the time, moving a friend down to San Diego. His friend had found him, and called Olivia as soon as the paramedics confirmed he was passed away. Her boyfriend showed me all of this, and as he did, I felt how she felt in the moment she found how he had passed. I took a few deep breaths, and moved onto how he passed away.

“You know, he didn’t kill himself? I have to tell you that because he says people have been accusing him?” She smiled, she says, “I know, but I needed to hear that”. He then began to show me how he passed away. He took too many pills, and his heart stopped. Although describing this to you all, you wouldn’t think it was peaceful. But it was. He made it clear it was quick, and as if he was in a sleep like state. It happened quickly, and immediately an old friend (who is also on the other side) came to greet him. He actually had a few, and some family members as well. This eased Olivia's mind to know he wasn’t alone when he passed. He began to have me communicate what was going to happen for her in the future, and how bad her family dynamic was. He made me feel it was extremely important for her to hear how toxic her family was. Having them around kept her in a deep dark place and although she knew this, she kept going back to them. Although she was still in pain, I could feel it was lessened. We talked about her boyfriend for a while before she left, and I made sure she left without the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Olivia text me weeks later letting me know she would be moving to Colorado before February. I was guided to see her before she left to remind her she wasn’t alone, and that things could only get better from here. She has cleaned out her life, let go of all her family who has treated her badly, and friends as well. I reminded her angels and spirit (including her boyfriend) will be around guiding her, so she knew she wouldn’t be alone on all her journeys. I reminded Olivia people come into our lives for a reason. Although he wasn’t supposed to leave us so soon. Olivia has learned, and will continue to learn, from this horrible experience.

This Reading will always stick with me. Not because it’s so incredibly tragic, but because of the love these two had for each other. Olivia was handed a bad deck of cards, and is the process of making a happy healthy life for herself. I will stay in touch with her, and will continue to remind her, she’s never alone.

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