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Encounters with a Psychic Medium | Get Air

Recently, the Universe has led me on a tiring yet mind-altering journey to understand the beauty within the ability to surrender. I’ve never been able to let things (emotions) go easily. I tend to hold onto them until I feel I have squeezed every single possible lesson out. I presume I am like this because of my life experiences, which is most likely why I find myself indulging in the amazing ability the Universe has to not only get my attention but to also prove a point. Lessons learned in December; surrender to all experiences, with love.

In December, I made myself (and the Universe) a promise. The promise was to go with the flow. The promise included not stressing, and fully believing each change and challenge had a purpose. Fully. The end goal was to witness first-hand how the Universe had a plan, a distinct direction. As luck would have it December was by far the craziest month of 2019. I had lots going on career-wise, personally; with all 3 kids, and unpacking from an unexpected move. (BTW, a friend, who is a psychic, told me I would be moving in 2019 & I told her she was way off. So, those of you who like to argue- I do too!) So, with each decision needing to be made, I practiced staying flexible. I communicated my terms with the move and continued to have healthy boundaries with everything else. I cared for sick kid after sick kid; I disappointingly rescheduled my schedule to accommodate my family's. I watched myself making decisions without allowing myself to react like I used to. I tried to see the positive with each change and was open and willing for more. You guys, I did so well! I experienced more growth within those last few months of 2019. Surrender did me well. I didn't stress about shopping for presents, or care who came or didn't. I developed the ability to observe myself. To my surprise, I was able to surrender to everything thrown my way. Except for one. One thing began to haunt me, literally.

I must preface by explaining I have never been one of those Mediums who goes out in public connecting people left and right with their loved ones. Yup, I have to admit I am a bit against it. I have (now had) a laundry list of reasons why. But what it truly comes down to is...I dislike making people cry, especially in public. I know it’s ridiculous, but that’s the truth. For the record, I didn’t realize this until I questioned myself during this very event. I now believe with all my heart and soul that spirit wouldn’t invade someone's journey unless it was necessary.

A few days before Christmas, I took all three kids to a trampoline park. As expected, it was crowded due to the dreary weather. So I did what I always did in crowded places; I said a prayer for protection (from spirits buggin' me). My older two kids ran off as fast as possible. The baby and I watched them as we made our way to the little tike trampoline area. The baby area was surprisingly empty. So I put all our stuff down and began to play with the baby. After about 15 minutes or so, an older woman brought in two little kids; a boy and a girl similar in age. I was extremely drawn to the older woman; you see that’s what happens when spirit begins to connect, they pull my attention towards someone and then once my attention is there (I look), they begin to come through. So, as a means to not connect, I kept turning my head away from her. I focused on the baby playing, on him jumping. I watched him as he began to play with another little boy. I then quickly heard a man’s voice say, “She’s his nanny.” I then began to see flashes of a young man’s life. I saw a fire, then him being rushed to the ER, then in ICU, and then his father signing papers. I heard the young man’s voice again, “I know you never do this, but could you make this one exception? Please.” My guides were pretty good at keeping spirits at bay. I felt the need to surrender and pull the energy in. So, I did. But before I did, I made one rule with my guides; enough time to get the messages out before the kids interrupted.

Within a few moments, I felt ready. I took a few deep breaths and sat as I watched this lady’s life flash before me. I was shown so much loss and pain. First, a man who passed from cancer. He showed me his head all bandaged up. He showed me cancer and his struggle through it. It was long, and bad, and off and on for a very long time. I knew this woman had a deep connection with this man; he felt like her father but not her father. Behind him stood that young man who had been the one requesting my assistance. He was no older than 30, he said he passed from a “dumb” decision. He wouldn’t go into detail. Next to him stood this woman’s grandmother. She pulled out a rosary and began to say hail marys. I knew this was an important part of who she was, and I knew this woman had a hand in raising this woman who sat to the side of me. I also knew this woman was just holding that rosary. I heard the young man request again, “Come on, it’s the holidays. Aren’t you trying to surrender?” I laughed out loud. Ok, ok. “Hi! May I ask you an odd question?” She looked at me concerned as if I was going to ask her for money (side note: stop going out looking like a bum). “Ummm??” She awkwardly responded. I smiled, “I am a medium, I never ever do this. I never do this, so I have to apologize for intruding. I CANNOT get this young guy to stop asking me to talk to you. Did you lose a young man in the family? He feels younger than 30 and shows me him close to you when he grew up but not after the schooling years. I see him in the ICU. He shows me a machine keeping him alive. He makes me feel like I can’t see. My eyes are swollen. He says it was dumb, it was so dumb. That’s all I keep hearing him say. Your brother had to make the decision to remove the machine but it's important he knows he was already gone. He shows me his car. It was his pride and joy? He loved it more than anything. He was good with his hands and wanted to learn about cars too?

She looked at me like she had seen a ghost. She sat there, silent. The good silent. She was shocked. She was processing. Her loved ones were coming through so quickly, so I continued, “Your grandmother is catholic? You have a rosary of hers and have been using it more so lately? She says you are sad, and she is worried about you. Stop doing everything for everyone else like she did. ...” The woman began to cry. “How do you know all of this? Who are you?” she questioned. “I’m a medium. They are telling me, your loved ones. I continued, “The young man who was in the ICU, the one whose face was so burnt, he says it’s important to tell your brother there was no other choice. It’s important, he keeps repeating it.” Silence. Spirit began to show me visions of this woman’s brother. I saw him struggling mentally. I proved it to her by giving her examples of fights between them and his wife. I told her to tell him about today. I told her I knew he didn’t believe but his son said it’s important. She began to weep. I hugged her. I apologized for having a part in her crying in public. She laughed. We hugged some more. She thanked me. She was extremely thankful. Her loved ones then pulled back but thanked me before they did so. My session was over. I found both kids, gathered our things, and made my way to the car. My daughter asked who the lady was who I was hugging. I said, “I helped her, and she helped me.”

She helped me learn to be more mindful of good and bad boundaries. She also provided me with some much-needed insight with my own journey. Not being in control feels good (it takes time). It feels like holding an envelope packed with an opportunity you’ve been waiting for a very long time. With the practice of surrender, you begin to trust and have faith that the Universe does know what it’s doing. Sometimes not knowing what is coming next and feeling lost or unsure is when a big breakthrough happens. I know because I’ve lived through these recurring cycles time and time again and have just recently begun to trust in the ebbs and flows of life. Trust comes with practice, but the ability to question your actions will help expedite the process.

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