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Found My Wings

Spring is upon us and with the change in season, comes changes for all of us. I began to notice the changes within me a few weeks ago. With my recent experiences with Angels, I have been having dream after dream of guidance from them. Along with dreams, my meditations which normal consist of my Spirit Guides, have been filled with Angelic love and guidance. I have been curious as to why. Why now? So, I’ve been connecting with the Angelic realm more and more lately. I mean, they’re around for a reason, right? I received some insight from them and felt I needed to share it with you.

I had a dream the other night that destructive things were happening all around our planet (don’t worry, it gets positive). I ran around helping people that I could. I used Reiki to heal, hugs and guidance to send and give love, and words of wisdom to bring clarity to all the people around me who were suffering. I became overwhelmed with so many people needing my help. I ended up screaming at the sky, asking God for support and guidance. All of the sudden, two angels appeared (I believe one to be the one my daughter saw in my home before my house caught fire). They smiled at me as they walked toward me. Their presence alone healed my being and made me feel only love, all my pain went away. Embarrassed by my shouting, I asked in a calm voice what to do? I explained I was surround by people who needed my help and couldn’t help them all. The female angel grabbed my hand and told me I needed to see how many people I had helped, and not focused on those who I hadn’t. I looked at her curious as to what I was supposed to do with the people who I hadn’t helped. Without speaking, she answered my question. She stated that they would receive help in one form or another, and to have faith in Angels and Spirit to ensure this happened. It eased my mind to know I had a team supporting me.

She then told me that all Spiritual people are healers in one form or another. The more they tapped into the way they themselves could help people, the more they would notice how they too are Angels. “Healers are Angels”, I questioned? She then touched my back and wings appeared. She said Earth Angels are those who feel a deep need to help other people. They are people who are dedicated to providing guidance, love, support, and connection to Spirit to those who are willing to accept it. She then told me to remind all the Light Workers in the world that they are Earth Angels, and to know the healing powers that exist within them, are far stronger than they currently know. She said in time, we will all step into this power. She kissed my head, and disappeared. I woke up before my alarm feeling as though I had just been in the presence of Angels. I wrote down my dream so I would remember the message that I was meant to share with you all.

I want you all to know that we are all being called to do our part and send love into this world. You don’t have to be Superman to make a difference. Small gestures are all that is needed from you. A smile to a stranger, a friendly gesture of kindness, being there for someone in any way you can. These are all examples of how you can tap into the Angelic Realm on a daily basis. The more good you do, the more you will put out into the Universe, and by the law of Karma, it will come back to you.

I hope this message helps those who are feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts. I have noticed when I am feeling overly anxious, the one thing that helps is doing a good deed for someone else. So maybe, that will help you too.

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