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  • Copryight: Kareen B.

The Circle of Lives

It’s highly unlikely this is your first life on this planet. Well, there is a slim possibility, but most of us have walked these grounds a few times before. Most of us have lived many lives prior to this one. We’ve learning specific lessons that we need to learn for our soul’s growth. We start out on this plane as something simple (Spirit shows me plants and animals). As our conscious level rises, we are placed into a body that is more suitable for what our soul is ready to learn. Sometimes, a soul will incarnate when they aren’t quite ready, which is why some people struggle with learning lessons so much more than others (suicide is correlated to this, but that is a different topic).

Life is simply school for our soul. Simple, not so much, as the hardest most painful experiences are what allow us to evolve. We learn what we need to learn here, to take our conscious level up up up and away, to where it desires to be. With this new found conscious level, we are able to have jobs and tasks on the other side that are more desirable to our soul. Since life is school, we are meant to learn as much as we can. Prior to incarnating we place our soul on a path to learn what it needs to. Some people chose to grow at a more abundant rate, while others chose to chill out during this life and enjoy the Earthly plane. Whatever path you’ve taken, you have chosen all of your hardships, all the good times, and all of the bad. Your free will may have made those bad times more difficult than you desired them to be, but know, it all has happened for a reason.

Since this isn’t our first life, most of us have created cycles and patterns from previous lives. Whether they are addiction, emotional abuse, carried over negative emotions; if not learned, they follow us from one life to another. Often in past life readings I see a pattern of not learning a lesson within a specific relationship. The two souls reincarnate again, and again, and again until one of them stops the cycle. This, in turn, frees the other soul, and themselves. It’s rare to not have carried over something from a past life (I’ve never seen it). So, if you are in a painful relationship, the pain is guiding you to listen to your emotions. Ask yourself what you are feeling and try and understand the situation from a different perspective. Then, do not allow fear to guide you. Most people fear change, and with that comes stagnation and halted growth. Honesty with yourself is the best policy.

To gain information from your own past lives, a psychic reading isn’t your only option. Meditation can connect you to your higher self, and with this, your lives can and will be revealed to you. Prior to meditating, call your guides forth, ask them to protect you, then ask them to show you a past life that would help you grow in the most abundant of ways. They will show you visions, and/or remind you of feelings from the past life. Write down everything after your experience. You then may have dreams about the life, or visions throughout the day. Soon you will be able to connect the dots on what habit, pattern, or cycle followed you from a past life and why.

The biggest lesson is knowing that we are all here to grow and learn. So treat everyone with compassion and love, including yourself! When you do, it will come back to you tenfold, in this life, and your lives to come.

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