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Dark Times of December

Through the dark days of December (that’s what we’re calling them), I gained so much insight on my year to come. One thing I was guided to do was share more of my life story.

You see, I started my Facebook page as a means to share my gift, AND share how I got to where I was. It wasn’t an easy journey, and I felt sharing it would be healing to me and others who were struggling as well. Through the hustle and bustle throughout the passing years, I’ve lost sight of who I used to be, and where I wanted to go. This is normal, so I’m not beating myself up over it. Just excited to go back to my roots, which is me being a genuine human being who struggle to get to the place I am today. I do believe a lot of people in this field have lost sight of who they are as a means to only show the side of themselves that presents the mentor. I guess I began to do this too. Maybe I wasn’t struggling for a year or so. Maybe I got so caught up in helping others I stopped showing the essence of who I was. Maybe it doesn’t matter? All I know is my Facebook feed is filled with positive quotes and positive affirmation that lack a soul connection with those sharing these enlightening quotes. Im not trying to put them down at all, I'm sharing this because I realized I was doing this as well. We all yearn to be connected to one another, and although social media has essentially brought us closer together, it also has made us all feel further apart. There are many reasons for this, all I can speak to is wh

at I have learned from my own role.

I believe those in a similar role as me, since they are considered a mentor, they can’t present themselves as being lost or having weak moments. That’s understandable,

but they (we) need to remind themselves our gifts don’t disappear when we struggle. Our gifts actually get stronger. Through each heartbreak, loss, regret, and dark place, I've grown SO much. With that growth Spirit strengthened my gift. I can’t be the only one this happens too. I wish more people would share this side of their story (which is why I am sharing mine). This year I will be sharing more of my life with you. Let’s be real. I want to share positive stories from clients I’ve helped, the connections and friendships I’ve made, and how their stories directly effect my life. I want you to see how others struggle so you don’t feel alone, so you feel connected and inspired by other people even if you’ve never met them. I will be sharing more of my life, and who I am as a person, and as a medium. So, expect more of that this year. I hope you begin to feel like we’re friends, and I’m there for you, even if we’ve never met.

* I have been sharing a lot on Instagram and Facebook, so if you desire background information, or to be in the loop please add me on there.

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