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The Past Called

Digging up the past seems to be the theme for a lot of us right now. Not sure what’s going on astrologically, but I am sure this theme is tied to the stars in some way. For the past few weeks I've noticed every single person I’ve interacted with is going through an extremely difficult time. I decided to share what I’ve been shown in hopes it can help someone out there who is currently struggling.

We all have scars from past hardships that we have yet to fully heal. While enduring challenging life circumstance, most of us just push through as fast as we can to get out alive. In doing so, our head is down, and we don’t let in the awareness that is necessary for us to learn the lesson that is needed. We also don’t fully process what we are meant to, and are left with unhealed wounds. Throughout our daily lives these wounds effect us as we make decisions based off of the underlying feelings of fear, resentment, mistrust, etc. We tend not to trust people, take chances, or believe in ourselves all because of what we had gone through. Know these hardships were meant to be lessons. They were never meant to hold us back. They were meant to teach us something about ourself we didn't know. Each situation is different, but I have learned the theme of each lesson is to let go with grace, and have faith that something better will present itself.

Life is meant to trigger every emotion we are capable of feeling. We are meant to feel happiness, sadness, peace, anger, passion, pain, etc. But ultimately, in feeling these emotions, we are meant to be brought back to who we are, and what we are made of, which is love. The purpose of going through a difficult time is to crack open our hearts, and allow a new perspective to seep in. We are meant to see what we are made of, and during a hardship we are forced to pull out parts of us we didn't know existed. Know in the midst of hardships we find ourselves. After going through something painful, look back on it. What did you learn? What hurt the most? Write about it. Writing is the most healing way to process your past because in doing so you are forced to relive it. You will be shown things you didn't see before, and ultimately you will be ready to move forward. You will begin to look back and give yourself credit for going through such a difficult time, and for coming out alive. You will see yourself in a completely different light because you will truly see how strong you were, and how strong you've become.

Know negative emotions aren't meant to stay with you. They are meant to push you in the direction to learning a lesson whether it be letting go, not to trust certain people, to have more confidence in yourself, to love yourself more, etc. There are a million lessons we are meant to learn in this life. The main lesson I see quite often is to know yourself so much so you know when your past is holding you back. Feeling sad, angry, tired, uneasy? I promise you it’s tied to something you have yet to free yourself from. This is when an intuitive reading would be helpful as most of the issues that hold us back we aren't conscious of.

A friend of mine who is an amazing Psychic-Medium, offered her services to me as a “wedding gift”. Although she gifted this reading, I now know she offered it because she was sick of watching me walk around in circles. What came up were some issues I had dealt with in a past relationship. This relationship was years ago, and although it was traumatizing, I spent years after working through it. I had felt I had released a lot of the baggage, and pretty much thought I learned all I could from the experience. Apparently I was wrong because she showed me specific examples of how it was still effecting me, and my current relationship. The issues are personal, and one day I will share them with you all (I’m working on writing a book). A little glimpse into my past connected so many dots into how I have gotten in my own way, and how I continue to do so. Pain is, well painful, and who wants to relive something traumatic all over again? I know I don’t, and I didn’t, but I did. I have seen first hand how the process of working through issues can be magical. I feel with everything I have released, I have been gifted something so amazing in return. So, I decided to do this again. I spent time writing about the sadness, the pain, the hurtful words, the disgust, and all the uncomfortable feelings. I wrote about how I felt during those desperate times, and went into detail about the loneliness I endured. I learned so much about myself during this process. I learned how weak I was back then, how much I allowed others to control me, and how I didn't love or believe in myself. I also learned how this frame of mind kept me surround with toxic people. Now that I am aware of it, have processed it all from a new perspective, I am able to finally free myself from the shackles that kept me stuck for so long.

If you are currently struggling, be brave and reflect on past traumas. Search high and low and dig up painful memories you covered as a means to protect your heart. Relive them, feel them, write about them. After this process, you will be ready to let them go. New insight will come, as well as a better understanding of why it happen. You will see how you've become a better person (or not) because of it. If you took the wrong route, learn from that and make choices now to honor yourself. That's truly all you need to do; honor yourself. Everyday is a new day to change your life. If you are brave enough to walk in the dark, you will soon see the light

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