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Angels Walk the Earth

Happy day of Love! I felt I needed to share a loving story in light of today's Holiday.

Messages from Spirit are sent to us every single day, it’s up to us to not only notice them, but to trust and believe in them.

Last Tuesday while I was getting ready for work, my daughter calmly came into my room, looked at me and said, “Mom, I just saw an Angel. I smiled at her and asked her to describe to me what the Angel looked like. She said, “Well, she is a little taller than you, glowing white, and.... what an Angel looks like!”. At first I thought maybe she had seen a piece of dust glimmering in the sunlight, or maybe something on TV. I call in Angels every day, I know they were around us, but wasn’t sure why she had actually seen one. I leaned over, hugged her, and told her she has a very special gift.

I explained to her that most people spend their entire lives wanting to see an Angel. She walked away smiling, and that was that.

As the day went by, I reached out to a few spiritual friends to tell them about my 6-year-old encounter. All of them reminded me Angels were a positive sign and a reminder of love and protection. I felt that to be true, and moved on feeling safe.

Friday rolled around, I went to work, and ran a couple of errands. On my lunch break, I went home to do some laundry and do a scheduled mediumship reading. I threw wet clothes in the dryer, and went on to clean up a few messes the kids had made. As I was picking up things around my house, I walked by the laundry room and noticed the door to the dryer was wide open. I text my fiancé, said something along the lines of our house being haunted, turned it back on, and called my client.

I began connecting this woman to her passed over father. Got some pretty incredible evidential messages from him(her words not mine). Towards the end of her reading, I notice something by my door. I paused reading for a second and said to her, “That’s weird, I just saw something fly by my door.” I continued on and then a smoke alarm began to go off. I asked her to hold on for a second as I thought it was just the sage I had used prior to calling her. I smelt burning plastic, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Frantic, I ran around my house trying to find the source. The woman who I was reading for told me to keep calm, to take care of it, and call her back when I could. As I hung up I noticed smoke coming from my laundry room, from the dryer. I turned it off, opened the door. It turned back on by itself, I couldn’t get it to stop spinning. I immediately called my Fiancée, as I began to explain to him what had happened, the smoke became dark and thick. I hung up on him and called 911. I ran next door and asked my neighbor for help. He grabbed 2 fire extinguishers, then ran with me to my house. By this time flames had crept up and out, he tried pushing them back with the fire extinguisher, no such luck. He used another, it didn’t work. We both ran outside. By this time deep black smoke filled my entire home, it was hard to breathe. He ran inside one more time with the last fire extinguisher, that one didn’t work either. He ran back outside next to me, fell to his knees gasping for air. This is when the fire fighters arrived, 3 trucks to be exact. They put the fire out within minutes. After a little investigating, the determined the bottom part of the dryer had caught fire. They also found that the gas line next to it had been leaking. They looked at me the way you would if you had seen a ghost. They were shocked nothing bad happened to me or the house. I thanked them profusely, they saved my house.

I finally was able to touch base with the client who I had been on the phone with when this occurred. She was adamant about speaking with me, thought I didn’t know why. When I spoke with her, she stated she had some pretty coincidental things to tell me. She explained to me that her father (the one I had connected her to), was in the Korean war and burnt extremely bad. Apparently he almost passed away from it. She also stated he was a physician and his passion in life was saving people lives. She couldn’t help but think he was there with me and had a part in saving my life. She also explained how she had taken notes during the reading. Right before the alarm went off, I had said her that her dad alarms her, he uses alarms, to make sure she is protected. She even wrote it down! We shared some tears, she shared her sympathy and with that I couldn’t help but think of how bad it could have been.

It’s beyond my comprehension how Spirit was able to be so involved. All I know is I call upon them every morning and night. I thank them for all I have, for protecting my family and self, and for the gifts they send me. I wanted to tell this story to share with you how connected we all are; we just aren’t aware of it. There was a reason why I didn’t put clothes in the dryer that morning, why my daughter had seen an Angel, why the dryer had stopped “on it’s own”, a reason she had booked me on that day and time. I truly believe Angels are watching over me and my family, and her Father had a part in saving my life. We are all watched over by Angels and Spirit. Remember, just because we can’t see what they do behind the scenes doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard on your behalf.

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