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Join the Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self to connect and release issues held within your inner child.

Allow Medium Kareen to guide you in working with your Spiritual Team and Archangels to connect and heal your inner child. 

The inner child holds the core wounds we experience throughout our life, especially throughout childhood. This powerful energy healing meditation will assist you in seeing what needs to be healed, connect you to your inner child (and team in spirit) to receive messages, and will help you to clear away trauma or residual emotions that are currently in the way of you loving yourself completely. When we love ourselves, that's when HUGE positive shifts occur.

Many will experience powerful emotional shifts in the moment, receive signs from their guides and angels soon thereafter(this happened after the last circle), have dreams of past experiences (very common), feel a STRONG connection with spirit, and all will experience a sense of peacefulness upon releasing dense energies from their past. Know working the spirit is all about putting the effort in; huge changes take place when we have the intention to heal and free ourselves from the pain of our past. 

Everyone has the ability to connect, you just have to put the effort forth to do so. Yes, it really is this simple so don't let your ego block you from finally healing your wounds and pushing past the barriers that have held you back for so long.



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Heal Your Inner Child

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