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Everyone has a Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and the ability to connect with them and Spirits. Your higher self is your soul self, it’s the essence of who you are when you aren’t in a physical body. Having a direct connection to your higher self is beneficial in SO MANY WAYS. With it comes a strong connection to your gift of knowing and feeling. Once you develop a connection with your soul self, you feel more confident, connected, you won’t question yourself, you develop a strong inner knowing with your path and the directions to take in life. A lot of people begin to develop their own abilities when these connections take place.

Your Spirit Guides were put into place to guide you throughout this lifetime. It’s beneficial to have a good relationship with them because you can make your desires and needs known and you begin to work in partnership with them. You feel connected, loved, and as though you are being watched after.


During this guided meditation you will meet with your spirit guides and merge with your higher self. You will begin to develop more trust within your path, within yourself, and with spirit. With trust comes clarity, peace, and love but more so it makes it easier to connect with yourself and team in spirit. Most people assume they know themselves, but I ask you to ask yourself these simple questions: What did I come here to do? What is the purpose of my life? Am I currently fulfilled and happy? What direction am I meant to go in next? If you need guidance with any of these questions you will receive it during this guided meditation. You will be able to develop a relationship with them and work hand in hand with them. Yes, abilities will develop but it will also be easier for you to manifest as you become clear on your soul purpose and lessons you are meant to learn within this lifetime.

This is a guided meditation, energy AND sound healing experience. Everyone will have a different experience; the following is a list of what can be experienced: 


• A strong feeling of connection to spirit, the universe, and yourself. 

• A knowing of current lessons being learned by current or past struggles. 

• Feeling angelic beings around (feelings of support).

• Guidance through dreams.

• More connection with passed over loved ones.

• Reduced stressed and anxiety.

• Motivation.

• Feelings of happiness and serenity.

• Becoming more connected with the universe; seeing angel numbers, spirit animals, synchronicities, etc. 

• Gift of Knowing developing.

• Gift of Seeing developing.

• Gift of Feeling developing.

• Feeling and connecting with Spirit Guides more easily presently and in future. 

• A push on your spiritual path; more self-awareness. 

• Deeper feelings of love and gratitude. 

• Confidence and Trust

• Understanding yourself and issues with yourself more deeply. 

The list goes on and on. If you are ready to develop a deeper connection with your team in spirit and/or you’ve been struggling mentally or physically.




Do not share, send, post, distribute or share audio file. 

ⓒAll rights reserved Medium Kareen 

Connect with your Higher Self AND Spirit Guides

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