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Allow Medium Kareen to take you on a healing journey to connect with those you have lost. 

Medium Kareen has a strong connection to the angelic realms and spirit realms, and it is with this connection she will help YOU to open up to your angels and passed over loved ones. 

This is a guided meditation and sound healing experience to connect with passed-over friends and family members. Everyone’s experience during this event will be unique to them. But what you can expect is either feeling, hearing, smelling, seeing, or sensing your loved one(s). Some may see their loved ones, hear a message, and feel them (or all of the above). Some may feel them and smell them; the possibilities are endless. All YOU need to do is to be OPEN to allowing THEM to guide you. Have FAITH. Release control and allow Kareen to guide you. Surrender, have faith, and you will experience healing and a connection in ways yet to be experienced in this lifetime.



Do not share, send, post, distribute or share audio file. 

ⓒAll rights reserved Medium Kareen 


Connect With Passed Over Loved One

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