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Although we are finally on the other side of the Taurus eclipse, the energy will continue to last for the next 3-6 months. What theme in your life has popped up? Is it issues within relationships or with family members? Issues with health, or with mental health? Not feeling worthy or lacking boundaries? Greif? 

Reflect on the last 6 months and see what has been haunting you the most. Whatever it is, it’s a lesson you have learned from and if you haven’t been avoidant, you are ready to clear the lingering energies and move onto a higher timeline. If you HAVE been avoidant, allow the angels to connect with you to surface that in which you have repressed so you can release it once and for all. You’ve already experienced it, why not let it go? 

How do you know you’ve repressed emotions or been avoidant? If you are feeling frazzled, disconnected, lacking motivation, difficulty making decisions, foggy, stuck, energy issues, these are a few indicators you are ready for an energy cleanse. Come clear and heal at my next angelic sound healing energy circle.

With the use of sound healing and energy healing, Archangel Raphael and Michael will cut cords to anything that is lowering your vibration and hindering your growth. They will work with your energy body, cleanse, and balance your chakras and release any negative energy lingering within or around. After the cleanse and energy upgrade, these powerful Archangels will help to reignite fire inside of you and will lead you to a higher timeline. Most importantly, they will lead you back to YOU!


The year is almost over, let’s leave the remnants of learned lessons, other people’s energies, and any negative energy in the past. Do yourself a favor and step into 2023 cleansed and cleared and ready for a fresh start!

Chakra Clearing and Healing with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael

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